Wednesday, April 11, 2007


On to Guatemala

Well.... we changed plans and now we are off to Guatemala in Summer '07. First Guatemala City then off to Quetzaltenango, (called Xela by locals, and pronounced Shay-lah). We then are deciding what to do next, probably a visit to Lake Atitlan, which I remember as one of the most beautiful places on earth, maybe Antigua and then Rio Dulce and Livingston.

There are a lot of other great places to visit but once again constrained by time we will only see a handful of places and take our time as we go along.

Karen and daughter Colleen are scheduled to arrive first, my work schedule is a bit up in the air so I will be along for only part of this adventure. We may take the "Chicken Bus" a bit more to get around.

Any recommendations on where to stay? We like Hostels and friendly atmosphere.

In Xela we plan on visiting XelaTeco, an eco-engineering workshop that makes solar hot water panels, micro hydro power and bio digesters. Karen and Colleen are going to volunteer at an orphanage.

More later as we make our plans. I may post a link here to a blog devoted to our Guatemala trip.

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