Friday, April 21, 2006


Santa Elena

Continental Divide, Near Santa Elena

We stayed at Pension Santa Elena for 5 nights. We had a double room with bathroom which was very affordable. I would recommend asking for one of the rooms toward the back if noise is a problem for you.

The Pension has a kitchen available for cooking your own meals. There is a supermercado just up and around the corner so most food items are easily available. We cooked several of our meals and also ate at the Marvilla which is a small place just up the street. We splurged and had a nice dinner at the Tree House one night and the food was excelent.

Karen spent Tuesday at the Quaker School, and Wednesday the Quakers had a potluck lunch at a nearby farm. It is hard to describe what a farm looks like up in the cloud forest, but it seems everything imaginable grows here.

We did take in a few of the major tourist activities including a Zip Line tour of the canopy where they fit you into a harness and then attach you to a pulley and push you off of a very high platform attached to nothing but a thin cable. You Zip out over the jungle at breath taking speed which is merciful because if you had time to think you would get the heck down from there and kiss mother earth and promise to never loose your mind again.

Anyway, breathless above the canopy is not a bad place to be, and later we took a walking tour via suspension bridges and walkways through the cloud forest where we could take in the environment at a much saner pace.

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