Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Packing List

We will be travelling with minimal bags. Here is what I plan on taking. (note most of these items are covered in depth on


We are only staying for 10 days and we don’t plan on attending any “formal” functions, nor do we plan on any expensive restaurants, so

No dress jacket

2 pairs trousers, one with zip-off legs

2-4 shirts Loose, (1) shirt of light color, long-sleeved.

1 swimsuit that can double as shorts.

1 dark (cardigan?) sweater A nice cardigan is an excellent layering item, and can also substitute for a jacket when a more formal appearance is required.

rainwear – 1 rain coat, (Karen is taking rain pants for time in Monteverde, I will go with wet legs)

3+ pairs socks

3+ pairs underwear

1 long T-shirt

1 bandana (universal, can be washcloth in a pinch)

1 sun hat

1 pair walking shoes + extra laces

sandals (necessary for shared bathrooms in hostels)

1 belt

1 Carry on Backpack

1 shoulder bag (doubles as day pack)

1 lightweight duffel/laundry bag (doubles as extra bag for junk you take back with you)

Tools (all of our bags will be carry on, so no tools)

alarm clock

flashlight, (LED flashlight has very long battery life

2 pairs prescription glasses

Should your chosen tool not include them, add a pair of compact, folding scissors; you'll be surprised at how often you use these.

Plastic spoon, fork and knife

1 compass (the roads in Costa Rica are notorious for not being labled)

safety pins, rubber bands, cord Nylon parachute cord

sewing kit, including large needle to accommodate dental floss

(Ziploc®) plastic bags, garbage bags

Mini Roll of duct tape

Toiletries -

Toilet paper,

anti microbe hand wipes

toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

razor, blades, shaving cream

comb and/or hairbrush

shampoo Mini Bottle


bar soap & container

nail clippers


Woolite – 2 travel packets

toilet paper, antibacterial wipes

Pain relief - Ibuprofen, naproxen sodium

diarrhea treatment – Cipro and Pepto-Bismol

malaria tablets A must in many parts of the world.

insect repellent,

sunscreen, lip balm

Bandaids, bandages and moleskin

vitamins, + prescription medications in their original containers

plastic water bottle

a couple of good books

sun glasses, + case

lens cleaning cloth/supplies, copy of prescription, (spare glasses?)

pens, small notebook, glue stick

personal address book

maps guidebooks, phrase books, Post-it® notes, restaurant lists, business/calling cards, telephone access numbers

reading material

passport, visas, extra passport photos, vaccination certificates

copies of important documents If you should manage to lose your passport, a photocopy of the main page will make replacing it a lot easier.

driver's license, health insurance information

travel tickets (i.e., airline tickets, rail & bus passes, hotel reservations, etc.)

charge & ATM cards, cash, traveller's cheques

ten one dollar bills

1 security pouch

1 digital camera + charge cord and usb cable (to download to weblog on the fly)

I don't think you can get all the stuff listed into your backpack.
I don't think you can get all the stuff listed into your backpack.
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